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Canine Super Supplement

New Zealand deer velvet has helped my dogs endure the long racing season with fewer injuries and strong performances. We were so impressed with the results on the dogs that we started taking the human formula ourselves.

– Dori Hollingsworth, World Champion Sled Dog Racer

I put my oldest dog Bree onto deer antler velvet; she had been out of competition for 3 months due to injury, after just two weeks on the deer velvet she improved greatly and returned to the competition ring. At one of her first events back competing, she managed to win the first ever Jumpers A (top grade) Challenge Certificate given out in New Zealand, plus came second in Jumpers A2 and 3rd in both Intermediate and Senior.

– Chelsea Marriner2010 IFCS World Agility Cup Champion

Our Labrador puppy developed DJD at the age of 10 months and was so bad he could not climb the stairs in our house any more. After only 2 weeks on the Deer Velvet tablets he was back to his usual self, bounding all over the house and garden again.

– Rose Wyeth

For the past 10 years Keisha, our Keeshound always got excited at the prospect of her evening walk. However, at the start of this winter she chose to lie in her basket rather than go for a walk, due to stiffening of her hind-quarters. Within three weeks of taking the Deer velvet tablets, Keisha was back waiting at the door in anticipation of her walk, she appears to have made an amazing improvement to her mobility and happiness and she loves her little tablet each morning.

– Jennifer Brandt

One very happy owner reports that their 13-year-old Labrador which had osteoarthritis, and had developed a bad attitude (possibly due to constant pain) and who had been treated with NSAIDS for 7 months, following administration of daily Deer velvet supplement quote “Within 14 days he was moving like a pup, playful and demanding his walks, and his bad attitude had improved markedly.

– Jacqui Pipe

We have a 1yr old Dogue de Bordeaux, she is 46kg and has arthritis and elbow dysplasia. She was limping badly and found it hard to get around. For two months we had tried a number of different, expensive, vet prescribed products with no results, but since we started her on the Imperial she has improved so much she no longer limps and is full of energy! It has given her normal life back! We advise anyone thinking about buying this supplement to do it!!!

– Chris Hickman

I just wanted to let you know that my 11-year-old boxer, Cassie is doing awesome… Her back legs are no longer stiff when she gets up… I am so happy that she is not suffering anymore, it’s like a different dog. Thank you so much.

– Karen

My story with Imperial Pet Co. began when my 12 month old Patter dale terrier was unfortunately run over by a four wheel drive and suffered a badly shattered femur. After X-rays, prognosis was not good and most vets would recommend amputation of his back leg. I was fortunate to have one of the best veterinary surgeons in Melbourne who was confident to have a go at fixing the leg with no guarantee of success. Put simply after surgery there was still a 50/50 chance that the bone just would not heal, and amputation would be the only option. This lead me to do some of my own research and I came across Imperial Pet Co. as I’d heard that velvet deer antler had great healing properties. I put my pup on the tablets straight away and kept on with them for 3 months and the results were astounding! I was instructed by my vet to keep my pup confined to a cage whilst his leg was healing with controlled exercise on lead only. We had X-rays every month and every time we did my vet was amazed at how quickly the bone was healing. I have no doubt that this product helped save my pup from losing his leg and am over the moon with how quickly he has made his full recovery! Now 4 months after surgery he is as active as ever and back to living a normal life. I can certainly recommend Imperial Pet Co. to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

– Nathan Vella

My 3 year old caboodle has had a hard few years of his life and had major knee surgery and then had to get the pins removed and was in a lot of pain. Since taking Imperial it helped speed up his recovery and now doesn’t look back at his leg nowhere near as much anymore and can run again! Thanks Imperial!

– Shae

I loved the results! I have a 14 year old golden oldie dog. She has had both hips and both knees operated on when she was younger and has developed arthritis as she aged in her knees as well as hip dysplasia. I’ve tried lots of different products and remedies to help alleviate her discomfort and deer velvet has had the greatest effects with sustainable and lasting results.
I’ve now got my husband and his 12 year old dog taking it to.
My husband is a mechanic and his knees, back and joints in general are pretty well clapped-out.
Both dogs benefit from smoother and easier movement and less discomfort, more willing to interact and be touched, improved mood as they are more comfortable as well as healthier skin and coat too. We love it and HIGHLY recommend.

– Vickie Tilbrook

My Little moodle is 12 years old and was not jumping on the bed anymore after over 10 years of sleeping at our feet , So we brought some stairs but she did not like going down it was too painful for her and she would yelp , Now after giving her the dear velvet tablets she is jumping on the bed again up and down no problem and she is a lot more active she also had a back leg occasional paralysis and that is also gone Imperial Pet Dear Velvet is the best I Have tried other brands that do not work as well my Trixie will be on her dear velvet every day for the rest of her life thank you Imperial Pet Co you’re a life saver.

– Keith McClure

I have a 10 year old golden retriever cross who after chasing one too many balls was slowing down with arthritis in her hips. It was so painful to watch her quality of life slowly disappear until we discovered Imperial Pet Co and saw the difference this amazing supplement made! Our girl is still going strong and is back chasing balls without any hesitation, I strongly recommend this product!

– Matthew Naturani

Great product I will buy again! My boy Chewy has severe hip dysplasia and these supplements have really helped with his pain management. I recorded his walking before taking imperial pet co and then I recorded him walking 3 months after using this supplement and what a difference! His walking became so much stronger and he looks so much happier after being on this amazing supplement! Very happy!

– Erin

I was looking for a natural product to give my 11yr old staffy cross who has been suffering from arthritis for the past 12 months. She had become quite down in her mood, slow in her movement, and could only handle a short walk each day. After one month on the product I didn’t notice much difference however after receiving a free bottle due to postal issues, I’ve noticed a big difference in her movement and mood. She’s finally excited about life again, can walk for longer, manages to run, and is playing with her ball again, but best of all she’s talking that excited staffy talk when I get home of an afternoon, letting me know she’s happy again. Great product and great communication with the company, if needed. I would definitely recommend this product.

– Nicole

I have two old Wheaten Terriers and have been using the canine supplement for approx. 6 years now as part of their daily diet. At our last vet check-up in April the vet commented on how for 16 and 14 year old dogs that there was no sign of any arthritis or joint problems what so ever. I honestly believe the dear velvet is responsible for my dogs rising each morning with no stiffness and still enjoying two walks a day in their golden years. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

– Craig Logan

We have a tripawd Siberian Husky that is suffering from Osteosarcoma and arthritis. We’ve been using Deer Velvet as a supplement to give his spring in his step. Despite being 12 years old, he is thriving and still able to move freely. We noticed a significant difference to his movement within 2 weeks of giving him deer velvet. Amazing product!

– Lyn

I started using this product on my 10yr old staffy cross Bundi after being told he was developing early signs of arthritis in his back legs. He was slowing right down on walks and just overall a bit sad. He’s been taking this supplement for a couple of months now however even after the first bottle I noticed a huge difference in his behavior. He’s running, jumping and playing again! Extremely grateful to have come across this product when I did as its been life changing for him! He also loves the taste which is a huge bonus!!

– Cathy

Our gorgeous Labradoodle started taking this product many years ago. He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and seemed to struggle and had some discomfort getting around. Now our boy is turning 9 and everyone including our vet thinks he looks like a puppy. He’s playful, he runs around and looks absolutely amazing. We definitely believe that Imperial Pet helped our boy regain his youth. He loves that tablets and faithfully waits every morning for his daily dose.

– Nigel

I have a now 9 yr old Maltese/Schitzu. 3 to 4 yrs ago he was diagnosed with degenerative disc and he was in lots of pain. Vet advised surgery would be very expensive and may not work. I found this product and as a last resort I thought why not? Well in only about 2 weeks I noticed amazing change and he is still going strong. He loves his walks and running in the back yard. I cannot recommend this product enough. He is a happy healthy boy. Thank you James and Imperial Pet Co.

– Colin

We have a staffy who tore both her cruciate ligaments in her back legs which required operations. I have used other ‘joint supplements’ before but they didn’t make a difference. We decided to try the deer velvet tablets about 1.5years ago & after the first 6 weeks we noticed a huge difference in her movement & have been using them ever since. I highly recommend this product & have recommended it to many friends & family.

– Nicole

I started my now over 16 year old labradoodle on Canine Super Supplement about 6 months ago. She was also having weekly/monthly injections for arthritis. A few months ago i stopped the injections as i found she was getting plenty good results with just the supplement. Not only does she eat it out of my hands but she looks forward to it in the mornings and it works wonders for her. She has chronic renal disease which is well managed but to not have to have monthly injections for arthritis is great as all these chemicals go through the kidneys. I am very happy that she is getting good results from a natural product. Thanks Imperial for a great tasting natural supplement that actually works well.

– Natalie

We have a standard schnauzer with muscle wasting and a limp after a cruciate injury.. after only about 2 weeks , the limp has gone … very happy with this product.

– Barb

Mac, our 9 year old frenchy x pug has had a very very active life for a typically less active breed. As a result his little body is now struggling to exercise comfortably for two days in a row, manage stairs or jumping up on to the couch. I’ve had Mac on imperial for about 4 years and it’s extending his life in years and quality. When Mac is on the product he recovers at least twice as fast, he has the vigour of a dog 3 years his junior and his coat looks amazing . what’s it’s doing for his bone and joint health and general vitality and energy is second to none. I highly recommend this product to any owner who wants the best health for their animal.

– Drew Davies

I have a 10yr old staffy named Axle who was favoriting his shoulder and his energy was depleted.
A friend recommended using the Canine Super Supplement tabs.
Axle now has got a new spring in his step and energy like he use to have.
Plus his coat looks better too!

– Craig Burnman

My 8 year old Golden girl had cruciate ligament surgery late last year, so we started her on the Canine Super Supplements to help with cartilage renewal. We are 8 weeks post-surgery and she is doing great! Thanks Imperial Pet Co for a wonderful product!

– Chelsea Cook

Tia has been on Imperial Pet Canine Supplement for 2 months now. We started noticing good results after just a few weeks. She no longer has her arthritis injections, just her 2 tablets a day of Canine Supplement. We are very happy with the results and Tia is still loving life and enjoying her 2 walks a day. Thankyou Imperial Pet for a wonderful natural product for Tias arthritis.

– Natalie Johnston

Our beautiful girl, Lola has just turned 11 and in the last few years, she’s really slowed down and become a bit of a grump.
We thought we’d try this product to see if it made any difference, and wow! She’s like a pup all over again. She’s engaging with the humans more, playing with her toys again and she even has a bit of a spring in her step now when she walks.
Her overall demeanour has completely improved and it’s so lovely to see!
Would highly recommend this product

– Jade Lee

We noticed our girl slowing down and when we took her to the vet were told it was early stages of arthritis. We didn’t know they can have this for years before showing signs. We now have her on Imperial Super Supplement and she is like a puppy again…. The vet can’t believe how well she is doing

– Honey

Flash, our nearly 14 year old greyhound loves the tablets. She has a new lease on life and has found a lot more mobility. We found your product when talking to our neighbour who had a 15yr old staffy.

– Sarah

Ebby has hip dysplacia and arthritis. She is 14 next week. Been on your deer antler since she was 8.
We had an incident in March last year where she couldn’t get up. I think she ate too much lol. Her hips couldn’t hold her. The vet said her right hip was ‘mush’. Well we brought her home and I increased her dose. By the end of the day she was walking again… within a month, navigating the stairs on her own. She’s wonky but you can’t stop her. I know I wouldn’t still have her with me without your product as there simply isn’t anything else like it. So thank you… and keep up the good work.

– Greta Hunter

Canine Immune

I’ve had good success in derm cases that look really Blood deficient from a TCM point of view. . I’ve had a few very young animals recovering from generalized demodicosis, or with poor fur regrowth do well also. In addition to its immune support benefits, I wonder if it’s restoring more normal barrier function in these guys.”
With the mobility cases, I again seem to be finding spectacular success with most Jing deficient/Blood deficient/Yin deficient groups. To me, it seems to create a lot more elasticity and “forgiveness” in connective tissue. I’ve got some chondrodysplasia disk dogs running on it as a preventive against further issues…

– Jennifer MarshallMarsden Clinic, Canada

I tried this product for my 10 year old mixed breed after she became increasingly lame in her hind end. I found this product while looking for a natural alternative to a daily NSAID. After 30 days on the canine super supplement she is willing to climb stairs again, wants to take longer walks, and has more spunk than I’ve seen in months!

– Liz

This product was a life saver, I can’t express how grateful I am to have found it ! The change in Bundi’s behaviour is undeniably noticeable. The stiffness in his back legs was getting so bad and we weren’t sure what the future held. He was starting to gain a lot of weight and struggling to walk but after starting the product he’s back to his normal size and loving life. It also gets his appetite going in the mornings ready for his kibble, which he was starting to lose interest in before. This has been/is a fantastic product for Bundi and I recommend it to anyone I come across who’s dog is having similar issues to what Bundi was.

– Cathy Sarlija

This product is amazing!!! Our 9 year old Maltese/poodle has been taking this for about a month now and is a completely different dog! He has severe arthritis in his back legs and hips to the point where he couldn’t walk. On and off pain meds etc many visits to the vet! Since being on this product he is running around with our other dog and has a new shine to his eyes!! It’s given him a new lease on life when we were at the point of heartbreakingly nearly letting him go due to his pain!!!! We wanted to try everything and thankfully we did!!

– Ruth

Canine Oral Spray

This stuff is amazing!! My back teeth were really bad and two days. Yes two days and most of my tartar have disappeared. Mum loves it and I liked the taste.

– Cooper the Kelpie

Love this product. Works great at reducing tater and improving my dogs gum health.

– David Walsh

We have been using the oral spray for 3 months to help with red gums and the results have been amazing. Our boy now has cleaner teeth, pink gums and fresh breath.

– Toni Noe

I am on my second bottle now and it is great. We are noticing less tartar build-up and much fresher breath. The first bottle lasted 2 months for maintenance, so is very cost effective for us. Thanks guys for such a great product.

– Samantha Bowers

We started this product after a dental clean at the vet and it has helped keep Apollos teeth super clean and his breath great. The vet gave us a bottle as part of the cleaning package and we are so happy they did.

– Tim Jones

My girl had gingivitis and we were recommended this product from a friend. It has helped a lot. We had tried a few things with no luck, but this oral spray and a better diet has made all the difference. Thanks guys.

– Mike

One of my dogs has an auto immune condition which initially caused his mouth to become extremely inflamed and infected. I had the oral spray recommended to me to help and although I was worried that it would cause him pain with such a raw mouth, it was great and helped so much. We are continuing it daily months later for both my dogs, whose mouths are clean and smell so fresh, and have a subscription.

– Jo

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