Natural Arthritis Remedies for Dogs…..

Arthritis can be a debilitating condition for our furry friends, diminishing their mobility and quality of life. While traditional treatments exist, many pet owners seek natural remedies to alleviate their dogs’ discomfort. From herbal solutions to dietary supplements, there’s a plethora of options to explore.

The importance of a natural remedy for dog arthritis is key! Our Canine Super Supplement is made and sourced in New Zealand from two of the most natural and effective arthritis support ingredients in the world – Deer Velvet and Green Lipped Mussel. If you are looking for “natural”, look no further!

With so many herbal remedies for arthritis in dogs, it can be hard to decide which one is best! Not only do we have the most effective and natural remedy for dog arthritis, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee too.

Natural arthritis remedies for dogs

Why Us?

We believe, along with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, that we offer the most natural, effective, beneficial arthritis remedies for dogs in the world today!

If your dog has sore muscles, arthritis, joint pain, or you are looking for a prevention product, we are confident that our product will benefit your dog, that’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee! Take a look at our reviews here to see just how effectively we can help your dog too!

What makes our natural remedies for arthritis in dogs so good?

We only use two ingredients: New Zealand Deer Velvet and Green Lipped Mussel. These are two of the most beneficial and effective joint support and general health ingredients in the world – and we use both…ONLY!

Sourced and made in New Zealand, we don’t have a massive ingredient list, no extra fillers and nothing that we wouldn’t use ourselves – and we do, so do a lot of our clients too.

What are these two amazing ingredients?

Bio Active Deer Velvet

Used for over 2,000 years, deer velvet has hundreds of naturally forming and active ingredients, and is the only 100% renewable source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin in the world. Considered by many as the most natural remedy for dog arthritis today!

Benefits include – Assists and supports with canine hip dysplasia, arthritis, joint inflammation, blood circulation, immune function and muscle recovery.

Deer Velvet also supports bone, joint, and cartilage development, aids in recovery from exercise, promotes a healthy coat, and enhances overall health.

Green Lipped Mussel

The most potent marine derived ingredient for canine joint health! Contains Omega 3 and 6, EPA, DHA and over 50 fatty acids.

Benefits include – Naturally lubricates joints, helps reduces inflammation, stiffness and joint pain, helps rebuild cartilage and supports joint mobility.

Omega is considered one of the most essential ingredients in canine health and development and Green Lipped Mussel is packed with them!

natural remedy for dog arthritis

Natural arthritis remedies for dogs” encompass various approaches, including herbal remedies, dietary supplements, and even some home remedies for canine arthritis. These solutions can offer gentle yet effective relief, with no negative side effects compared to synthetic medications. For pet owners seeking a holistic approach to managing their dog’s arthritis, these options provide a promising and natural avenue.

Our Canine Super Supplement is the most natural remedy for dog arthritis in the world. Crafted with two potent ingredients, deer velvet and green lipped mussel, our  product is naturally packed with glucosamine, chondroitin, omega fatty acids, MSM and much more! Take a look here at just some more of the amazing, naturally forming ingredients.

Home remedies for canine arthritis, such as gentle exercise routines, swimming and warm compresses, can complement natural arthritis remedies for dogs. In most cases, doing the work at home alone is not enough, but is a great addition! Regular low-impact activities like swimming or short walks can help maintain mobility and prevent stiffness.

With pet owners becoming more and more interested in herbal remedies for arthritis in dogs, we are seeing a big move away from conventional medications. And with more natural veterinarians and pet retail stores, people now have a wider range of information and options to choose from!

With this, we know you might have tried other products that claim to be “the one that will help your dog”
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Clean and Natural

Clean and Natural

All products sourced and made in New Zealand

Great Taste

Great Taste

You can feed it like a treat and they love it!

Money Back

Money Back

We offer a 100% money back guarantee!

Harm Free

Harm Free

Deer velvet is 100% renewable and harm free!