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Each bottle contains: 60 x 610mg tablets.

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Imperial Pet Co. Canine Immune is a supplement with a wide range of health benefits. As a therapeutic nutraceutical, it can be used for general wellness, as a vitality boosting treat, and as an immune modulator. It is useful for conditions as diverse as arthritis, dermatological conditions, mild renal issues, and hyper-and hypo-immune states. It contains five ingredients with evidence for regenerative potential, and thus, has impressive and lasting effects on canine health.

Noted by Jennifer Marshall, of the Marsden Clinic, Canada:

“I’ve had good success in derm cases that look really blood deficient from a TCM point of view. I’ve had a few very young animals recovering from generalized demodicosis, or with poor fur regrowth do well also. In addition to its immune support benefits, I wonder if it’s restoring more normal barrier function in these guys.

With the mobility cases, I again seem to be finding spectacular success with most Jing deficient/Blood deficient/Yin deficient groups. To me, it seems to create a lot more elasticity and “forgiveness” in connective tissue. I’ve got some chondrodysplasia disk dogs running on it as a preventive against further issues…”

Take advantage of this 2,000 year old super supplement today.

Ingredients + Dosage

Green Lipped Mussel……….220mg
Bio Active Deer Velvet……..120mg

Up to 12kg…………….1 tablet daily
Over 12kg……………2 tablets daily


Bio Active Deer Velvet – Assists with canine hip dysplasia, arthritis, joint inflammation, blood circulation and muscle recovery. Deer velvet has over 390 naturally forming ingredients and is the only natural, renewable source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin in the world!

Check our Active Ingredients page for some of the 390 ingredients in deer velvet.

Green Lipped Mussel – Contains Omega 3 and 6, EPA and DHA. Naturally lubricates the joints, rebuilds cartilage and helps joint mobility. Omega is considered one of the most essential ingredients in canine health and development.

Colostrum – Has 97 immune factors and 87 growth factors. Acts as an adaptogen, helping the body rejuvenate and strengthens the immune system.

Kelp – A seaweed rich in micro-minerals, amino acids, and unsaturated fatty acids which all speed healing in the body.

Thymus extract – A glandular tissue concentrate which contains hormones that may aid in healing of thymus disorders and enhance immunity. There is some indication that this has nutrigenomic potential, or the potential to activate genes.

4 reviews for Canine Immune

  1. Ruth

    This product is amazing!!! Our 9 year old Maltese/poodle has been taking this for about a month now and is a completely different dog! He has severe arthritis in his back legs and hips to the point where he couldn’t walk. On and off pain meds etc many visits to the vet! Since being on this product he is running around with our other dog and has a new shine to his eyes!! It’s given him a new lease on life when we were at the point of heartbreakingly nearly letting him go due to his pain!!!! We wanted to try everything and thankfully we did!!

  2. Cathy Sarlija

    This product was a life saver, I cant express how grateful I am to have found it ! The change in Bundi’s behaviour is undeniably noticeable. The stiffness in his back legs was getting so bad and we wernt sure what the future held. He was starting to gain alot of weight and struggling to walk but after starting the product hes back to his normal size and loving life. It also gets his appetite going in the mornings ready for his kibble, which he was starting to lose interest in before. This has been/is a fantastic product for Bundi and I recommend it to anyone I come across who’s dog is having similar issues to what Bundi was.

  3. Liz

    I tried this product for my 10 year old mixed breed after she became increasingly lame in her hind end. I found this product while looking for a natural alternative to a daily NSAID. After 30 days on the canine super supplement she is willing to climb stairs again, wants to take longer walks, and has more spunk than I’ve seen in months!

  4. Jo

    I had this product recommended to me from my dog food supplier as one of my dogs has an auto immune condition and now give it to both my dogs every single day. They are both on medications for life and although I can’t say that they made a noticeable difference on their own, my 12 and 14 yr old ‘pups’ are doing extremely well and love the tablet like a treat, having it every night after their oral spray as a reward.

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Imperial Pet Co Canine Immune

Canine Immune

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